Welcome to names.drycodes.com

Our Goal: Provide a simple, easy to use, random name generator API where you don't repeat yourself a.k.a DRY.

Simple GET request that returns a JSON array of 10 random names

  1. 10 random names
  2. 10 random names, lower cased
  3. 10 random names, lower cased, with [ prefix and ] suffix
  4. 10 random objects
  5. Random port number
  6. Random port number - Privileged
Description: Integer The number of items in your list.
Example: 25 items
Description: string Generate a random port number. Port numbers range from 0 to 65536, but only port numbers 0 to 1024 are reserved for privileged use.
Example: 4567
Description: Integer The number of name strings that you want to join into a single name
Example: Combine 4 strings into 1 name item
Description: String The list of names that you want to use to create your list of random names.
  1. ALL
  2. Boy Names
  3. Cities
  4. Continents
  5. Countries
  6. Films
  7. Funny Words
  8. Games
  9. Girl Names
  10. Job Titles
  11. Objects
  12. Planets
  13. Presidents
  14. Star Wars Characters
  15. Star Wars First Names
  16. Star Wars Last Names
  17. Star Wars Titles
  18. States
Description: String The character(s) that you want to use to separate name strings
  1. Separated by underscores
  2. Separated by a space
Description: Boolean Optional if you want to have a random number of combined words
Example: /10?randomCombined=true
Description: String Optional if you want to convert the strings to a formatted case
Example: /10?case=upper
Description: String The file type for your name list. defaults to json
  1. json
  2. text
Description: String The leading character for your name item. defaults to nothing
  1. [nameItem
  2. ]nameItem
  3. -nameItem
  4. - nameItem
  5. $nameItem
  6. var = nameItem
Description: String The ending character for your name item. defaults to nothing
  1. nameItem[
  2. nameItem]
  3. nameItem-
  4. nameItem -
  5. nameItem$
  6. nameItem =